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The best of Cloud & On-premises combined
Enjoy real-time services without worrying about infrastructure capacity and service updates.
IceWarp Product Illustration


Data Privacy
We operate the service, but save no data. Everything is stored solely on your own server.
Zero Administration
Delight your users with highly responsive experience without having to worry about administration.
Always Up-To-Date
We implement all updates on an ongoing basis and silently for your best convenience.
Responsive Support
As a cloud customer you can rely on our trained support with guaranteed 2 hours response time.

How does it work?

Microservices integrate on-premises infrastructure with IceWarp Cloud to ensure seamless exchange of data. When you use a microservice you are accessing remote service running in IceWarp data center. The connection between the servers ends at the end of your session. All data is stored on your server as IceWarp is a runtime environment only. The first Cloud microservices are Documents and Conferences.


Create and edit documents in Office formats and collaborate with your team in real-time.
IceWarp Product Illustration


Conferences come loaded with powerful features to make your team meetings a smooth operation.
IceWarp Product Illustration

IceWarp Dashboard

Serves as a single, highly-visual place to conveniently access your data across mails, calendars, meetings and files.
IceWarp Product Illustration

Anti-Virus Service

A powerful scanning engine that combines multiple anti-virus solutions to ensure the utmost security and safety of your data.
IceWarp Product Illustration

Preview Service – Laforge

Provides thumbnail previews for many common file formats, saving the compute power of your servers for more specific tasks.

URL Shortener

Transforms long and error-prone internet links to compact URLs that are easier to share and control.